Who we are

Mary L. Rothschild, Founder and Director – Mary is a member of the adjunct faculty at Fordham University. She has been working with adults who care for and live with young children for over two decades. She founded and directed a childcare and after school center focusing on crafts in a media-free environment. She attended Columbia University, received a Certificate in Drama Therapy from the New School for Social Research under Getrud Shattner, is a graduate of the New Mexico Media Literacy Program, and holds a Masters degree in Family Media Literacy from Goddard College. A speaker, storyteller and writer, Mary hosted “The Healthy Media Choices Hour” on  Brattleboro Community Radio in Vermont from 2006  to 2011. 

Cynthia Jaggi, Co-founder and Strategic Consultant – Cynthia founded Gatherwell: A Think and Do Tank for Practical Idealists. The former head of the Religion and Ethics Department at Brooklyn Friends School, she has written about TV’s effects on learning and published extensively on educational topics. Her articles have appeared in Green Teacher, Homeschooling Companion, FACES and the Bank Street College of Education’s Occasional Paper Series.

Mike “M. G.” Espar,   Director of Technology & Media Distribution        Mike is a Brooklyn-based film composer and media educator.  His music has been featured in films screened at Lincoln Center and the Sundance Film Festival, and in theaters and concert halls across the country.  Notable projects include The Man Who Would Be Polka King(CourtTV/truTV), Altamont Now (Winner, Best Narrative, Arizona Underground Film Festival), Mamachas del Ring (Margaret Mead Film Festival), and an original song for Aquarium (Honorable Mention, Sundance Film Festival).  As an educator, he has taught piano, filmmaking, and digital music production to children ages 4 to 18 at schools across New York City. Espar holds an M.A. in Music Composition from New York University and a B.A. in Film Studies from Yale University.  More info at www.mgespar.com