Healthy Media Choices was born from personal experience and deepened over more than 15 years by academic research and, most importantly, exchange with parents and teachers of young children.

Mary Rothschild’s personal experience as a mother and as  founder/director of a children’s center in Fort Greene, Brooklyn compelled her to look more closely at the effects of media and technology on very young children (prenatal through 6 years).  See Stacy’s Story for a representative example of such experiences.

Graduate research along with years of exchange with to parents, teachers and health professional about how media and technology influence  children, has deepened that initial commitment and resulted in a process that is  non-judgmental while providing critical information and insight.

Mary has spoken to and helped hundreds of grateful parents and teachers who have found unique ways of being intentional about media in the lives of young children, using the Healthy Media Choices process of evaluation and reflection, based in individual situations and priorities.  She enjoys every minute of this work.

Ariadne’s Children, the non-profit under which Healthy Media Choices does business, was incorporated in New York in 2002, received permanent nonprofit status in 2005, and added incorporation in Vermont in 2006.

From 2006 to 2011, Mary hosted the Healthy Media Choices Hour on Brattleboro Community Radio in New York. She interviewed researchers, pediatricians, parents, and educators. Some of the blog material here is from those programs. Further archives will come shortly.

Witness for Childhood

The work with communities, particularly progressive faith and humanist organizations, since 2008, formerly called Witness for Childhood is incorporated here.

Experience proved that the interests and needs of all three groups intersect in fundamental ways are are best served by a joint site. The work of faith, humanist, and community groups is key to supporting individual intentions and affecting policy that is beneficial to children.